almost there... New 2015 Christmas Rubber Stamp Design

09 September, 2015

Almost finished a new lino cut for Christmas. I had not attempted a nativity scene yet, so I decided it had to be done. I'm always a bit nervous of depicting people, animals and pattern are much more my comfort zone. A nice big piece of Japanese lino is a good challenge and quite therapeutic really.

I start by sketching it out on paper then I transferred it to the lino using carbon paper. When the lino cutting is all complete I will do a black and white print, scan the print and make it into a negative so it can be made into stamps. Its always a bit of trial and error, as per usual I have crammed a bit to much fine detail into this design but with a bit of adjustment in photoshop I can make sure it will work well as a stamp design. 

All New Wedding Rubber Stamp Designs...

03 May, 2015

Great to have our Wedding Rubber Stamps featured again on Love My Dress

21 January, 2015

Happy Christmas Rubber Stamp featured in Country Living

23 November, 2014

Great to be featured in this very helpful guide on making your own cards this year...

Ginni & Chris's Vintage Garden Wedding

06 October, 2014

When I first discovered I was so excited; it was exactly what we had been looking for!  
We had just started planning our wedding and we wanted to create something really personal & homemade from the start.   We loved the idea of having our own stamp that we could use on our invitations and perhaps later on on our thank you cards etc.  We chose our favourite design from the website and contacted Noolibird to discuss personalising it.  We wanted to have our names and date of our wedding of course but, as we are both musical, we wanted to incorporate that into our design too.  Nula presented us with an idea of using the first few notes of a very special song to us within the design!  Needless to say, we were thrilled with the result.  When the stamp finally arrived, Nula had wrapped it beautifully with the chosen colour ink we wanted for our invitations.  It was a special moment and we couldn't wait to start stamping!
Using the stamp is a doddle and once you have got the hang of how much ink to use and how hard to stamp we were off!!  I loved seeing them all lined up to dry and there was a real sense of excitement from this moment on for our big day.
The invitations were a hit with everyone who received one and we decided it would be lovely to use the stamp within the wedding somehow.   We were going for a vintage, garden party feel with a recycled or handmade theme.  I had already started making a mobile for the centre of the marquee which was a flock of origami birds made out my recycled bride magazines.   I was collecting jam jars and sweetie jars for candles and flowers.  It was a real rustic collection of up-cycled products that would also save us money.
We liked the idea of having the stamp on the napkins so people could take them away as a little memento so I contacted Nula again who was so helpful and full of ideas.  First we discussed having them professionally printed onto napkins but, apart from being quoted extortionate prices from various different companies, it just didn't feel right as the beauty of the product is the fact that it is a handmade stamp that, in turn, creates handmade items such as cards etc.  So Nula suggested increasing the size of the stamp and using fabric paint so we could stamp the napkins ourselves.  The result was perfect and we loved that fact that each one was slightly different which added to the homemade effect.
The napkins became part of the whole design for the table settings and the marquee was transformed with the beautiful pink napkins laid out on every table!
The stamp gave our wedding real identity and we will cherish it forever.  It was so much a part of our memory of the day that my Mum embroidered it and had it framed as a wedding present for us and it now hangs proudly in our hall so we see it every day!
Nula, thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful ideas.  Your little stamp has become our wedding logo from which the whole theme for our wedding began.
Ginni, thank you so much for sending me all these beautiful photos and documenting the whole process of how you used the noolibird stamps, I really enjoyed working on it with you and its lovely to see how it all turned out and of course how gorgeous  and happy you looked on your on your big day. I'm sure this will be very inspiring and useful for lots of brides to be.

Christmas Rubber Stamps

10 August, 2014

Watch out for our new range on Christmas Rubber Stamps!

Coming to and noths

New 2014 Christmas Rubber Stamp designs...

17 July, 2014

Here are some of our new stamp designs for Christmas 2014 and some ideas of how they can be used creatively together...

New Speech Bubble Rubber Stamps

18 May, 2014

Here are some cards with matching envelopes showing the new collection of 'speech bubble' stamps... Commonly used greetings messages to be combined with our bird and animal stamps... Noolibird's furry and feathered 
friends have found their voice! Take a look at;

Personalised Wedding Rubber stamps with Extra Personalisation

03 April, 2014

Carly and Nathan wanted a wedding invitation with these little extra personal touches, so I worked with Carly to  adapt the Noolibird 2 birds heart with 2 bunnies, using a photo Carly emailed of her gorgeous little dwarf rabbit, and as her hubby to be is in the RAF we added a plane too. Carly also wanted stamps saying wedding invitation and Evening invitation and the date, this is a great idea to make it easy for guests to know which one they are going to, then we rounded it off with small stamps of the personalised details the plane and the bunny.

It is one of my favourite bits of designing wedding stamps, finding out a little bit about the couple and helping them make their invitation personal to them and their big day.

Have a look at the personalised wedding stamp collection and pick your favourite.


Selvedge Winter Fair 2013

03 November, 2013

Christmas is coming... The goose is getting fat...

Noolibird at the Selvedge Fair... it's really where it's at!

Sorry, got a little carried away there, but this really is one fair not to miss this Christmas for festive goodies you simply won't find on the high street.

Come and say hello, I would love to see you there : )