Mexican Flower Rubber Stamps

A Collection of Mexican inspired flower stamps, each sold separately but can also be bought as a set. Printed here in hot pinks and reds. I have also shown the stamps here printed with the mexican heart design which is also available from my test shop. The ink pad colours which I have used are versa colour orchid, camellia and raspberry.

Mexican Rose large 8X8cm £14.00
Mexican Rose Small 7X6cm £10.00
Mexican Flower 1 Large 8X7cm £14.00
Mexican Flower 1 Small 5X5cm £8.50
Mexican Flower 2 Large 5X5cm £8.00
Mexican Flower 2 Small 3X3cm £5.00
Mexican Flower 3 Large 6X6cm £8.50
Mexican Flower 3 Small 4X4cm £8.00
Mexican Flower 4 Large 5X5cm £8.50
Mexican Flower 4 Small 3X3cm £5.00

Set of Mexican Flowers in the Small size £30.00

Set of Mexican flowers in the Large size £45.00

Leaf 1 6X5cm £8.00
Leaf 2 6X5cm £8.00

Leaf 3 small 7X3.5cm £8.00

Leaf 3 medium 11x6cm £8.50