Metallic Ink Pads

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Ultimate Metallic Ink Pads
Gold Ultimate Metallic Ink Pad for Stamps. Encore Ultimate Metallic Raised Stamp Pads.The quickest-drying true metallic ink currently available.

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Gold, Silver, Champagne, Bronze, Copper and White (this is versa color, not metallic) 

  • Raised pad size 75mm x 45mm
  • Encore metallic inks provide marvellous results on both light and dark papers.
  • Polished metallic colours add an elegant touch to paper crafts.
  • The metallic powder in Encore creates a more “glittery” effect.
  • Colours may appear different / altered on light weight, uncoated papers, such as printer paper.
  • Application - Uncoated paper
  • Drying Time - 7 to 10 minutes on uncoated papers. Varies based on weight / type of paper, humidity, etc.