Henny Donovan Fabric Paint

I tested a few different brands of fabric paint and finally settled with this Henny Donovan Water Based Fabric Paint. It will work well with many of my stamp designs, it is best to go for the simpler and larger size stamps. Use this stamp paint with cut n dry foam which acts like an ink pad for the fabric paint.

The highest quality water-based Fabric Paints give a colourfast, washable finish. Perfect for creating your own cushion covers, curtains, drapes, blinds, table linen and bed linen, as well as banners, flags and wall hangings! Also brilliant for decorating clothes in your wardrobe from T-shirts to summer dresses and more. This exciting colour palette of Fabric Paints  can be mixed together as desired. Use Pure White mixed with the other shades to create the pastel colours of your choice. Each pot will go a long way for decorative hand painted and stencilled projects.  apply to fabric and iron reverse side when dry to create a colourfast, washable finish

Each pot of fabric paint contains 100ml of paint