Elephant Rubber Stamp and Jungle Leaves

An Elephant Stamp and a collection of jungle leaves and plants. The elephant has been inked up in sky grey and raspberry using an ink dauber to apply the different colours to the stamp. The jungle leaves use a variety of greens and raspberry for all the different shades. I had a lot of fun layering all these leaves together, I think you will too. Any of the extra flowers and leaves I used here were from the mexican flower collection.

medium elephant 10X8cm £16.00

small elephant 6X5cm £8.50

red ginger leaf 1 14X3.2cm £10.00

red ginger leaf 2 9X4.5cm £8.50

red ginger leaf 3 6X4cm £8.00

fan palm 1 7X10 cm £8.50

fan palm 2 6X9 cm £8.50

pair of jungle leaves 9.5X8.5cm £16.00

palm leaf 1 10X7cm £8.50

palm leaf 2 6X9cm £8.50

protea 10X6cm £ 8.50

gunera leaves 10X8.5cm £16.00

Left Palm Tree 14X5.5cm £16.00

Right Palm Tree 14X5.5cm  £16.00