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Make your own re-usable ink pads with this cut n' dry foam. This is a great product for using with fabric paint or the adriondac acrylic paint. I find I get better results with the adriondac acrylic paint and it is definitely the best way to print on fabric when used alongside  I have tested these paints and love them, they come in a beautiful range of colours and work brilliantly with the cut n dry foam.

Cut N Dry Foam, 20.5X25.5cm dry double-sided stamp pad foam sheet for use with pigment and viscous inks paints and glues. Double-sided Non-skid backing Reusable 8 x 10 Cut and Dry. 14607.

Make your own ink pads buy cutting the A4 size piece of foam into smaller pieces, apply the paint to the cut n dry foam with a paint brush giving an even coverage all over the pad. When you have finished stamping you can either wash the cut n dry foam out and re-use or you can put the foam pad in a zip lock bag and use it another day.

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