Butterfly Rubber Stamp, Butterfly Stamp, Monarch Butterfly, Craft Gift, Nature Stamp, Insect Stamp, wedding stamp

A Fine Collection of butterfly rubber stamps for making summery cards, gift wrap and gifts. Noolibird stamps also work really well pressed into clay. There are 4 different designs to choose from and a great variety of sizes. I have used tiny ink daubers to apply different colours to the butterfly stamps to give a lovely colour graduation. it is fun and easy to do and I think it makes stamping loads more fun.

Butterfly 1 ;
The Painted Beauty
Medium Size 10X6cm £10.00
Butterfly 1 ;
Small Size 6X3.5cm £4.00

Butterfly 2 ;
Monarch Mid Size 8X4cm £8.50
Tiny Size ; 3X1.5cm £2.00

Butterfly 3;
Tree Nymph Med Size 6X7.5cm £10.00
Small 4X4cm £4.00

Butterfly 4 ;
Monarch Side View
Mid Size 5X4.5cm £4.00
Tiny 2X2cm £ 2.00