O' Little Town Christmas Rubber Stamp

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A group of Christmas stamps to be stamped together to make a christmas Nativity image of Bethlehem. You can choose a selection of these stamps each sold separately to create a beautiful scene for a christmas cards or gift wrap.
I have used a selection of versa colour ink pads to stamp the town, camels and palm trees. The colours that I have used are; pinecone for the camels, palm trees and doors. Boysenberry, Orchid Pink, Split Pea, burgundy and Gold for the star and town.

here is a list of the stamps and sizes for you to choose from ;

Dome 1 4.5X3.5cm 
Dome 2 3.7X2.7cm 
Dome 3 3.7X2.7cm 
Dome 4 4X3.5cm 

Block 1 3.2X3.2cm 
Block 2 3.7X3.5cm 
Block 3 3.7X4cm 

Doorway 1X2.7cm 
Castle Top 4mmX4cm 
3 Arch Windows 2.5X2.5cm 
Tiny Arch Windows 0.5X0.7cm

Palm Trees 4X5.5cm 
Three Wise Men on Camels 9.5X4.5cm 
Star 4X4cm