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almost there... New 2015 Christmas Rubber Stamp Design

09 September, 2015

Almost finished a new lino cut for Christmas. I had not attempted a nativity scene yet, so I decided it had to be done. I'm always a bit nervous of depicting people, animals and pattern are much more my comfort zone. A nice big piece of Japanese lino is a good challenge and quite therapeutic really.

I start by sketching it out on paper then I transferred it to the lino using carbon paper. When the lino cutting is all complete I will do a black and white print, scan the print and make it into a negative so it can be made into stamps. Its always a bit of trial and error, as per usual I have crammed a bit to much fine detail into this design but with a bit of adjustment in photoshop I can make sure it will work well as a stamp design. 

Happy Christmas Rubber Stamp featured in Country Living

23 November, 2014

Great to be featured in this very helpful guide on making your own cards this year...

Martha's Stamping Adventures...

20 November, 2012

 "My stamping adventures with the Noolibird stamps began when I saw them being featured in one of the magazines in 2011. I followed the link to the "Not on the high street" website just to discover that there are more of them! I instantly fell in love with all the designs and it was the "quirkiness" and the folky feel of those stamps that captured my heart. Fabulous, unique designs, simple yet very decorative. I simply love all those little animal characters Nula puts in her designs. Just my style! Reindeer in a folky heart became my big favourite as I love all things Scandinavian. I knew I had to buy it. Then, the other stamps followed. This year I've made quite a few festive cards featuring Noolibird designs and there are more to come. Working with each stamp is great fun and I love trying out various colour combinations and card making techniques. Noolibird designs really make your cards stand out. Thanks Nula for such a fab collection of stamps as well as the opportunity to feature my cards! "

Marta from