New Rubber Stamps to Celebrate Buying Handmade

New Rubber Stamps to Celebrate Buying Handmade

I have been using my Thank you heart stamp as a little thank you slip to go in with my orders when I am packing then up. I know that I have sold quite a fw of these to customers to use for the same purpose in their business. 

I decided it was time to add a few new stamp designs for this purpose . Maybe you like making handmade gifts for friends and family or for your own business selling handmade things. It adds that personal touch to include a little stamped card with maybe a handwritten note.

I have developed three new designs all developed from lino cuts, there is Thank You for Buying Handmade,   also the Vintage Sewing Machine Hand Made With Love, and the Hand made by me for anyone who loves making gifts or products using crochet.




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