Making some small stamped gift boxes

I have been working on some stamping projects for  Get Stamping magazine, its been a challenge to fit this inbetween all the orders and life in general but its all done now and looking forward to seeing them in print, here are the small stamped gift boxes my favourite I think.


Instructions for stamping a small wooden box

Materials list;

Time to make; Two hours,(allow 1 hours for drying) 

Step by step instructions;

Paint the outside boxes with the emulsion paint. No need to paint the botton of the box, leave the boxes open as they dry to prevent them being impossible to open when the paint dries.

When the boxes are fully dry (allow 5 hours) they will be ready to decorate.

Cover your table with newspaper. 

Cut your cut ‘n dry foam into 6 equally sized pieces.

Mix up the colours that you would like to use from your ranger  paint dabber pots, in old yogurt pots.Or you may want to use the paint straight from the pots.If you want to change the colour of the ranger paint a bit you can mix it with the other ranger colours or a bit of ordinary acrylic paint, as long as the mixture is at least three quarters ranger paint it should be fine.

Place the foam on some newspaper or kitchen roll.With a tea spoon spoon the fabric paint onto the cut n dry foam and press the paint into the foam so that none of it is sitting on the surface of the foam.I have tried using the paint dabbers from the ranger bottles but have found that the cut n dry foam gives a better result especially for small detailed stamps.

Ink up your stamp by gently pressing it onto the cut n dry foam, until you can see that the stamp is well inked up.

Start stamping with the bigger flower stamp on the top then three sides of the box, leaving the side of the box with hinges.

Fill in the corners and around the sides of the larger flower motif with one of the smaller flower stamps, stamp the side of the box with the hinges with the smaller flower stamp.



Cut n dry foam

Small wooden boxes

Ranger Acrylic Paint ;

colours ; Acrylic Paint Dabber -Wild Plum

Acrylic Paint Dabber - Eathtones-Bottle

Acrylic Paint Dabber - Sail boat blue

Acrylic Paint Dabber -Eathtones-Stream

Acrylic Paint Dabber - Eathtones-Denim

Matt Emulsion Paint - I used Dulux Egyption Cotton 


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