Landscape and Running Hare Cushion

Landscape and Running Hare Cushion

This was a fun experiment . I had a go at making a really big stamp of the snowscape stamp, then i inked it up using some more springlike shades. I stamped the large stamp by putting it face down on the fabric then staining on it, and ahem.. thanks to my not inconsiderable weight I got a great stamped impression. The hare was stamped on afterwards. Then I sketched some pencil lines for the flower stems, then sewed over the pencil lines using a narrow zigzag and dark grey cotton. The flower head and leaf stamps I made from enlarged flower silhouette stamps. I then stamped these along the sewn lines and voila!!

I am looking forward to teaching all these tecniques at Abigail's Drapery in Lewes at the cushion stamping workshops I will be running there, places are still available, email me for course dates (it is £25.00) per 1-2hour workshop.



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